December 18, 2012

Student Driver Signs

Even after your child attends driving school, most states still have a number of hours of practice driving with an adult of legal driving age. This responsibility usually falls on good ol’ Mom & Dad.

That being said, all parents of driving age teens should consider a small investment for peace of mind during lessons. Not only will the student driver magnetic sign allow your child to relax, you as their parent, will also feel more at ease in an already stressful situation.

With the signs on the vehicle, you will alert other motorists that you have a student behind the wheel. When most drivers see a student is nearby or in front of them, they will not drive aggressively, stay back a little farther from your tailgate, and know that sudden, responsive maneuvers may be necessary. To sum it up, the student driver car magnets help other motorists drive more defensively while near your vehicle.

Being in the magnetic sign industry, we are often asked a lot of questions regarding student driver signs. The most popular one is whether or not they are exclusively for Driver Education Instructors, or if it is legal for parents to use them while their child is logging hours behind the wheel. Although each state has different driving laws, none have a law against a sign on your vehicle that reads student driver. As a licensed parent driver try and reflect on the time when you first got behind the wheel with mom or dad and the nervousness set in. I can remember when I started driving, Dad got mad, I drove worse, lesson over.

Student driver signs for new drivers and teen drivers are a must have for all driving instructors and for parents that are continuing with driving lessons after driver education class is over.

Also available with many online retailers are rookie driver and new driver magnets that are a perfect compromise for the teen that has been driving for longer, but has recently acquired their license.  

The most economical place to purchase student driver sign products would be from an online retailer. The local sign shop will be more costly.

Please take a look at one of the sites below for great deals on student driver, new driver, or rookie driver stickers and magnetic signs:

Are you a parent who are using or have used a student driver or new driver sign while teaching your child to drive? Please post your comments on how they worked for you!

Another great resource with a wealth of information for student drivers, driving instructors, and parents can be found at:

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