January 10, 2013

Vehicle Signs & Homeowner Associations

Vehicle Graphics and HOA's
Homeowner Associations & Your Small Business Advertising

I have fielded a lot of questions in the past year about homeowner association rules regarding vehicle signs. Many neighborhood associations will not allow vehicles with signage to park overnight in the homeowners driveway or allotted parking spot. This puts small business owners who want to advertise on their vehicle in a  difficult situation, especially when they have vinyl graphics installed already on their company car. 
There are two very easy solutions to this. You can purchase custom magnetic signs that are easily applied and removed, or install more permanent vinyl graphics and purchase blank magnets to cover the installed graphics. It's always best to check with your association first, before making a decision on vehicle advertising for your small business. If it's to late and your graphics are installed, blank magnets are the perfect solution to keeping everyone in the neighborhood happy.

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