February 13, 2013

Magnetic Signs for vehicles are the best entry level advertising for small businesses.

As you know, many businesses start out as concepts in a garage, den or basement. I personally, am especially familiar with this process. When I formed Accent Signs and Graphics, I started my business in the spare bedroom of my house. I worked 12-16 hours every day to increase my customer base and improve the quality and service of my business. As my reputation grew, I found that word of mouth was by far the best venue for referrals and new customers. Out in the field, I would often be approached by the neighboring businesses of my customers for repairs or new installs of signs they had in mind. More often than not a direct conversion occurred when a combination of call to actions were executed. They would see my truck and my branding, remember my company from a previous conversation with my existing customer and would approach me as I performed other work and sometimes would stop by to speak to me while I was on another job. This led me to one conclusion that is always important to consider, the importance of branding.

The value of a good reputation is priceless, however, without having a call to action presented to a customer via a recognized brand, you lose the advantage of presenting your goods or services to a potential customer. This is where magnetic signs come in. For one, they are extremely effective and inexpensive. Secondly, they do not damage your vehicle or affect the resale value of the vehicle like wraps and permanent vinyl graphics do. Lastly (and most importantly), the level of exposure a potential client gets to your business, goods or service is unlimited. Suppose you have a side business and a day job. Let's say your vehicle is parked on a street and gets passed by 200 cars an hour. While you were working, 1600 potential clients took a look at your brand or service. That is 8000 drivers a week, not to mention passengers. Any marketing professional will tell you that if you can get your brand, product or service in front of a half a million people within one year for $30.00 that choosing magnetic signs for an fledgling business is a "no brainer".

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