July 15, 2013

Large Magnetic Signs for Cars, Trucks and Vans: Bigger is BETTER!

Large Magnetic Signs for Cars, Trucks and Vans: Bigger is BETTER!

magnetic van sign with a clear message
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If you are reading this from your vehicle, chances are you can look up from this page and see no less than 10 forms of signage, all within your current view, from your current location. Let's try an experiment, the next time you park your vehicle, take a good look around your at the amount of signage that is within your viewing area. After you do that, perform a little self analysis at which signs you give priority to. You most likely will view everything from the extremely detailed yet attractive, full color signs to simple signs with a simple message. The sizes vary from a small one foot magnetic sign to a 16 foot banner. The way most of our brains are wired, larger and easier to read signs will get priority over a more detailed message. It is not that you do not find a less detailed sign more appealing, the reason for this is the reward your brain gives you for properly interpreting the information as it is presented to you. Larger signs are easier to interpret and your attention will be focused on giving the signs with a larger message a higher priority.

This leads me to the topic at hand: EXPOSURE through SIZE.

Many times an advertiser tries to stuff the available ad space with too many products and services for someone to interpret. Although I can't blame the advertiser for the effort, these types of signs normally do not get read. A simple sign, with a simple message, presented in an attractive way, will get the best results. This is especially true when using magnetic signs on a vehicle for advertising. When magnetic signs are used on a moving vehicle, it is very important to keep your message simple, while making it as large as your vehicle will accommodate. The window of time you have to expose your product, business or message is a much smaller than if you were advertising from a stationary position. You will get the most return from your investment in magnetic vehicle signs if you simplify the message and purchase the largest magnet that your vehicle can accommodate. As they say, "Go big or go home."

Wholesalemagneticsigns.com is a supplier and producer of large magnetic signs that can be custom ordered based on the measurements of the size you would like to fill. They can also be die cut to span doors, hatches and windows. If you are looking for a large magnetic sign for your truck, car or delivery van, please visit www.wholesalemagneticsigns.com for additional information. 

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