July 8, 2013

Vehicle Advertising 101. With magnetic signs, stick to the current message.

When using magnetic signs to advertise your business, swap out your message seasonally.

Magnetic signs are a great way to advertise your product, service or message to the general public for businesses small and large. This is especially true if your pricing or message changes either seasonally or needs to be adjusted based on market fluctuations. One example would be for an owner of a HVAC business. In the winter, 99% of your business comes from installation or repair of heating systems. In the summer however, the majority of your business comes from repair and installation of air conditioning units and heat pumps. Instead of advertising both services on one magnetic truck sign, wouldn't it be better to have an advertisement that can be switched out based on the service or product you are focusing on selling at that time of year? By doing this, you can focus on making your seasonal message larger which in turn will help you gain more exposure and sales. Another good example would be for a lawn care/ landscaping business. Lawn care and landscaping businesses typically work on yard projects over the summer and supplement the slow winter season by taking on snow removal projects. Time and time again we have noticed customers attempting to advertise both the lawn care service and the snow removal on one sign. As magnetic signs pay for themselves with one decent lead, they are inexpensive enough to afford a different sign for each season. By advertising for both businesses on one sign, business owners often lose out on potential clients by trying to put too much information on their magnetic signs. Even on the larger magnetic signs for trucks, you limited your advertising exposure by making the text on the signs harder to read. Take your message, brand or service to the next level by making your magnetic sign advertising as large as possible. By focusing on one product or service, you will net more conversions and make your message simple and easy to read from a great distance. 

In conclusion, if you are a professional with more than one service that is based on a seasonal rotation, magnetic car signs should be customized for the service you are most likely to offer at that time. No one is interested in Ice cream in the winter or hot coffee in the summer.

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